Career In Fashion Design

Fashion Design is meant for people good at creativity, making others watch you and others to follow your way then going to a fashion design school, getting a fashion marketing education, or attending a fashion design college is the right path for you. Find advantages, eligibility, skills and aptitude required, fee suggestions and career prospectus of fashion design education in India.

Fashion Design is a source which shows you to develop your ideas and extensive research. Combination of experts(lectures) in fashion and design workshops training is fashion design education. Fashion Design has rapidly spread its architecture in India, presently this course is available in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. In coming few years say two to three this course will be available in each part of the country.


Easier way for upcoming fashion designers, the government as well as privately funded institutions have introduced comprehensive courses. In past five years India has seen lot of fashion design Institutes popular and huge amount of students joined fashion design as a serious degree.

Eligibility of Fashion Design in India

Performance in entrance exam
For undergraduate programs – 10+2 with a minimum of 50% from any recognized board of education
For postgraduate program a bachelor’s degree in a specific field
Having a portfolio of sketches, drawings and other artistic creations help

Skills and Aptitude

Originality, creativity, an eye for detail and understanding of clothes and fashion
Knack for combining the right color shades, textures and fabrics to to bring to life one’s imagination
Knowledge of fabrics, the way they draping, material, weaving styles, color and design
Basic tailoring skills
Good communication skills
Fashion consciousness
Market awareness and awareness of the consumer’s preferences

Fee Suggestions

Like most vocational courses, a degree in fashion too is expensive. Educational loans are an option for those who aren’t able to afford it on their own, personal loans are also a viable option to finance one’s education though they come with a higher rate of interest.

Career Prospects

Fashion Designing is a demanding profession. The long working hours during college only prepare one for the long working hours as professional. And one should remember that Fashion Designing is not only limited to designing clothes. Fashion design in fact includes a vast gamut of professions that include Jewelry or accessory designing. Most designers start by apprenticing with an established fashion designer or a fashion house or look for employment in an export or manufacturing unit. Others freelance from a HIME studio or boutique and develop their own labels. Career options can include any of the following –

* Fashion marketing
* Merchandising
* fashion design production
* Costume design
* Personal stylist
* Technical designer
* Production pattern maker
* Cutting assistant
* Fashion coordinator
* Apparel production manager
* Fabric buyer
* Fabric quality control manager
* Sales representative
* Fashion journalism
* Fashion photography

Fashion Designing a career aspect, students should not have a doubt about joining Top fashion design institutes.

Monsoon Fashion

Guys & Girls, it’s time to fold your pants up! The wardrobe during the monsoon is restricted to the two C’s- Colour and Comfort. Go bright and flashy this monsoon. Vivid coloured tops and dresses are totally in vogue. Dress up in peacock blue, soft pinks and bright orange sexiest colours of this season. On the other hand, muted shades of grey and black and earthy tones of beige, brown and khaki will also spell style. Fabrics are natural – cotton, linenmostly, but developed ones like enzyme washed satins and crushed polyviscose knits in modalare in.

Capris in hues of dark brown and black work best with bright, solid colours to lighten one’s spirits on a dull day. Girls, the shorter the pant, the better it is! Team up Capris with short length ethnic kurtis in hues of peacock blue, purple, red, maroonand parrot green. Short flare skirts and knee length halter neck dresses with a scarfof exotic designs are a must have for evening wear. Asymmetrical synthetic kaftans are super hot this season when teamed with a tight fitting mini skirt. Fitted synthetic jackets in Chinese white and lemony yellow work best on any sporty outfit.

Say goodbye to full length denims, long ethnic skirts, saris and leather this season. However, if you are a denim freak, opt for light weight denim fabrics. Knee length Cargos of synthetic fabrics are a must have in casuals this season, for men and women both. Cargos in hues of red rust, light orange and military green are best for everyday rains.

We spoke to ace designers like Arshiya Fakih, Lina Tipnis, Shane Peacock, Narendra Kumar and Namrata G to figure out the key looks for men and women;

Key Looks for Women:

1. Denim or cotton capris in earthy tones look best when worn below trendy tunic kaftans inspired by the 80s prints. Can be accessorised with bold statement pieces in single tone shades and matching filp-flops.

2. A sporty sleeveless or a racer-back tee will attract all the attention when teamed up with shorts or hot pants, all in vibrant colours like sun yellow, hot pink, etc. Crocs or water friendly sports footwear work best here.

3. Trapez-shaped dresses with naturally inspired prints and excessive green foliage worn with basic pumps, replace the little black dress at the more formal occasions.

4. Trendy tops above roll up denims above unisex sandals can be experimented at whim. Another hot favourite is the boyfriend jeans, apt for the care a damn monsoon look.

5. Mini-skirts in colours of the rainbow should be worn with a white top and accessorised with funky and colourful neck pieces and earrings.

Key Looks for Men:

1. A pastel shirt with prints or plaids suits best with simple jeans. Comfy slippons spell both style and functionality.

2. Chinos in linen and cargos in cotton look best with military inspired tees to complete that trendy safari look. Boots or covered sandals will go with this one.

3. Lean fitted trousers should be worn with a trendy shirt with oversized pockets, tennis shoes complete the look.

4. Single breasted, buttoned trench coat in black with contrasting big collar shirts inspired by the 70’s is the way to be at a night occasion.

5. Three fourth cargos and a sporty vest with a slingy pouch matching those crocs readies you for hitting the beach.

Caps – Accessories that are Effortlessly Cool and Timeless

If there is one accessory that perfectly captures the energetic, cool, and laid-back spirit of the youth, caps have to be it. Though these are available in a wide range of styles, one feature that unites them all is the front visor. Some people might have to be forced into wearing a cap at first, but once it grows on them, there is no turning back. If one were to take a close look at these super functional head accessories, you would be surprised as to how handy they actually are. These few pointers should help you make the most of your purchase:

As a Protective Covering – One of the major functions of caps is to protect the wearer’s eyes from direct exposure to harsh sunlight. Besides taking care of your eyes, these headgear are also responsible for keeping your hair free of split ends, dryness, itching, and breakage caused by damage. These accessories will prove to be especially helpful when you are outdoors for a long period of time.

During the Winter – Cold winter months can become unbearable at times. Forget stepping out of home, sometimes even trying to maintain a steady body temperature indoors can seem almost impossible. Thankfully, the human body produces natural heat of its own. And a lot of this heat often escapes from our body through our heads. Make this winter different. Cover your head with a cap. This will help prevent your body heat from escaping, thereby allowing you to stay warm.

As a Fashion Accessory – Besides the effortlessly cool vibe caps give off, they are also versatile enough to pair well with any outfit style. This makes them the perfect fashion accessory. Headed for a day out with friends? Complement your cheerful mood with a vibrant-looking outfit and throw on a cap before dashing out of the house – a simple way to achieve an effortlessly breezy vibe, that is still super functional. Wearing a funky-looking cap is also one of the simplest ways to add a sense of playfulness to a formal outfit.

Hide Your Shortcomings – Forget style and functionality, a huge majority of people wear caps to hide a number of insecurities. These accessories are perfect to cover a bald spot, a bad haircut, and a host of other such nuisances. So you wake up a little later than usual and don’t really have time to wash your hair, if you have a cap, this should not be a problem. The best accessory for greasy hair is an eye-catching cap. With this accessory on your head, you will have managed to not only to cover greasy hair, but will also look cool and breezy without even trying.

There is no dearth in the styles of caps you can choose from. The baseball cap may be an all time favourite, but other cap styles like the Ascot, flat, Dutch, Tucker, and beanie are no less fashionable. Matching his and hers caps are also a fun way to flaunt the relationship you share with a close friend or partner.

Wondering what the most convenient way to buy these clothing online accessories are? The answer is simple – buy caps online. Online shopping offers you the luxury of shopping for caps from leading brands like Puma, Adidas, Reebok, and Urban Monkey all with the click of a few buttons.

Fashion Tips Select The Stylish Wholesale Necklace Jewelry

Nowadays, there are more and more stylish wholesale necklace jewelry in the market online and realistic stores. How to select the stylish wholesale necklace jewelry is very important. Then, let’s try to know something more about the wholesale necklace jewelry.

Tassel necklace is the hotest fashion jewelry in 2011. It’s charming and stunning. Tassel necklace is a necessary jewelry in your accessory box in 2011. It’s perfect for you matching the fashionable long dress.

“Tassels are very feminine and also very tactile,” says London-based jeweler Carolina Bucci, who regularly uses them as a signature part of her collection, when asked why they reappear in fashion so often. “They help jewelry achieve its potential, which is to turn metal or material into something fluid and feminine, something that draws attention to a body part as we move.” So, a tassel necklace can make you more and more feminine.

A tassel necklace Jewelry is a perfect gift to someone you love and admire the most. It is the best way to express your feelings for someone you value.Today, fashion tassel necklaces appear in an infinity of styles. The fashion tassel necklaces in are in a high quality and very afordable price, you can look and get the beautiful and elegant fashion necklaces jewelry with the comparable price.

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The majority of jewelrysaga’s customers are shops for women, modern women who would like to wear something subtle but unique and outstanding. Their aim to please exactly these modern women looking for tasteful but stylish jewelery, that kind of jewelry which will never go out of fashion. If you are looking for wholesale necklaces jewelry in a cheap price you’ve come to the right place: here you will find jewelery that will satisfy all tastes and fits with all kinds of styles.

About Jewelrysaga
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Make A Statement With Bold And Beautiful Creepers Shoes

All over the world new fashion trends are getting generated by the fashion enthusiasts who believe in looking good by adopting their own unique methods and ways. These new trends are sometimes even considered to be abstract and non-practical. Since they may appear to be weird or are very uncomfortable to carry off. But no matter how much criticism they face they are hard to ignore and therefore these unique fashion statements gain instant popularity which quickly spreads like fire and soon people start following them all over the world.

One such unique fashion trend or rather shoe style trend which has a very interesting history behind it are the British Creepers or the Brothel Creeper Shoes. These shoes came into existence when soldiers used to wear them, in the times of World War II. The soldiers who were posted in the deserts in North Africa used to wear shoes with really thick crepe soles in order to protect their feet from harsh conditions of that environment. And when the war ended these soldiers returned to their homes along with these suede shoes with crepe soles and soon after they resumed wearing them in their daily lives as well.

Many of these soldiers were spotted at the disreputable nightspots of London near Soho and Kings Cross with their rugged pair of shoes on and this is how the shoes got their name, ‘Brothel Creepers’. In 1949 George Cox started developing the same style of shoes under the name of ‘Hamilton’. In the fifties the Teddy Boys adopted the style but it was Malcolm McLaren who popularized the shoe style when he started selling the Creeper Shoes from his shop in London which was known as ‘Let it Rock’.

The shop used to appeal the Rock Music lovers of those generations and in no time the Rock enthusiasts adopted the shoe style and included it in their Rock fashion. From that time up till now the Brothel Creeper Shoes are one of the favorite footwear options among the followers of Rock Culture all over the globe. The most popular fashion brands that are known for their excellent quality Creeper Shoes include names like the British Boot Company which was formerly known as ‘Holts’, also the Underground England Shoes Company is making Creepers Shoes from the last twenty five years.

Apart from these two shoe companies there are many other shoe brands as well which manufacture these styles of shoes which are iconic and magnificent because of their history and a large number of followers. You can also buy the Creeper Shoes from online shoe stores. Many shoe stores online also offer valuable deals and discounts on this particular shoe style’s collections. Also if the classic rugged looking Creeper Shoes are a little too much for you to carry off, you can opt for slight contemporary variations of the classics. Buckled up versions of Creeper Shoes are also available in the markets. The exceptional style and texture of these shoes enables you to create your own bold style statement.

The Ethnic Route – New Effigy Of Indian Ethnic Fashion

Indian ethnicity is a comprehensive perspective for fashion world, as it has all that all the fashion lovers crave. Bright and vibrant shades, regal patterns, marvelous designs, classic styles and everything else that has been desired is embrace by Indian ethnic fashion.

Many fashion designers comprehended the peerless grace and glory of Indian ethnicity, and they made it their focal driving force for innovations. The perception of these designers towards ethnic designing created a new effigy of Indian fashion world. As a result, Indian ethnic wear have attained great idolization across the world. Today, Sarees, Lehengas, Anarkali Suits and Kurtis are celebrated not just in India, but also in many other countries across the globe, and all by virtue of some ingenious talents of India. One of such creative wits India has is Unnati Gupta.

In summer 2011, Unnati Gupta returned from England after completing her education. In her stay in England, she comprehended that the worlds most renowned brands eyed towards India not just for its time-honored designs but also for the skills of the local artisans and craftsmen that do spectacular hand work, bead work, along with many other exceptional embroideries. Yet, in the face of Indias flourishing fashion industry, Indian fashion did not have a prominent stand outside of India and when it did, it was available at extremely expensive prices. That is when the initiative of bringing people outside of India a step closer to their roots and traditional dressing came in existence.

In order to understand the aspects of online business, she worked for a couple of e-commerce companies. Two years later, Unnati joined her family business of Indian ethnic wear for women for she had a love for fashion, especially Indian design and artistry, which further led her to commence online store, named, to promote and globalize Indian designer dresses and ethnic wear online.

This is the impetus for Ethnic Route: A fashion website for Indian designer dresses to give shoppers worldwide access to high-end ethnic wear online. Ethnic Route is not just to make it a platform for Indian fashion but to forge a collaborative relationship between the designer and the customer. In this way, it is not just about a dresses and sarees for women, but the talent, passion and craftsmanship behind the design and the likes, wants and desires of the dynamic woman who will wear it.

Eventually, has turned out to be most favored online store in among fashion forwarded women, who desire to have unique and fabulous fashion statements. The store features largest collection of designer lehenga choli, party wear suits, Indian bridal wear, bollywood sarees and a lot more based on Indian ethnicity.

Simply visit the store of Ethnic Route to find out real majesty and elegance that Indian ethnicity can bestow upon your persona. Shop your choices from the most extensive and splendid collection of ethnic wear online at

The attractive handmade Wholesale fashion Jewelry is available in some stores

There are some suppliers tried to keep the natural features of each product while cutting and carving, and they choose hand making. So there will be some color difference between the real items and the pictures because of the brightness, contrast and resolution or other factors. So the color difference is inevitable in some degree when you buy them on line. Wholesale Costume Jewelry
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Allowing the average consumer to build up a treasure trove of trinkets, these blings are not to be discounted when compared against their much pricier counterparts. Albeit the missing zeroes and commas in their price tags, those made available to the general crowd boast of equal quality to display items in glass showcases protected by armed guards and alarm systems. Perhaps the distinctive difference is the much sought after designer’s name etched into the item as proof of craftsmanship.

The Most Crucial Aspect Of The Fashion World

It need not be hard to dress well. If you have the latest knowledge about fashion, being fashionable is second nature. The more you learn about fashion, the easier it all becomes. So try to learn some great tips on the topic before the next season gets here. Keep reading to gain this essential knowledge.

You can easily dress up your jeans with a fancy top and a nice pair of heels. If you’re wearing the latest trend, colored jeans, it’s best to go for a more casual look.ok.

Make sure that your shoes match your outfit when you are going out. Sometimes, it is as simple as matching your shoes to the hue of your belt. It will create a classic fashion look anyone could appreciate.

If you are overweight, choose solid color. Heavier people should wear darker colors, and lighter colors if you are thinner. When you’re skinny, brighter colors will help you look your best.

If you want to stay in fashion, but aren’t sure how to approach it, perhaps you should think about hiring an expert fashion consultant. If you possess family and career, you probably don’t have a lot of time to think about trends in fashion. A personal shopper is experienced in keeping up with trends, and understanding how to coordinate them with the needs of their clients.

Keep up with the latest styles. Magazines can help you see what is on the runway right now. Magazines get looks directly from the runway, so they are often the first to publish new trends.

Teasing your hair can cause it to be brittle and damaged. You should create one single texture in your hair at a time, too. You will look messy as opposed to looking edgy and quirky.

Understand what will look good and bad on your body. Fitted clothing can help to accentuate a smaller person’s best features. Large chests will be best paired with patterned bottoms. If you have a pear shape, wear light colors on top with dark bottoms.

Take your friends out with you shopping and suggest to them that they pick out new clothes that you think will look good on them. Sometimes, it takes a direct approach to help a friend with fashion.

Fashion requires being smart. The reason for this is that you need some knowledge to get a look others will admire. People will see your keen fashion eye when you use knowledge.

Wear an Elegant Wedding Saree and Steal the Show

Every girl wants her wedding day to be perfect. Her wedding day is a day on which she is treated like a princess and is the center of attention of the room. So she wants everything to be flawless and beautiful. She starts planning her wedding several months in advance. An important part of the wedding preparations is shopping for the wedding saree, jewellery and other fashion accessories.

If you are a soon-to-be bride, you would want to buy a saree according to the latest fashion trends. To know what’s hot and what’s not this season, read on.

Trends in Wedding Sarees 2015

According to Tarun Tahiliani, the trend in wedding sarees has changed drastically. Rather than bright, flashy colours, brides prefer wedding sarees in a more sophisticated palette. The trend has shifted from heavily embellished outfits to light and breezy ones. Tarun Tahiliani’s bridal collection includes chiffon and georgette sarees embroidered with jamawari designs. To give a rich feel, he has also included sarees with zardosi work.

Other popular trends in wedding sarees are:

Lehenga Sarees: These sarees are styled like the traditional lehenga choli. The dupatta is draped in such a way that it looks like a saree. Lehenga sarees are usually worn in materials like net, crepe, georgette, and silk. The dupatta and lehenga generally have a heavily embroidered border. Lehenga sarees have been popularised by Bollywood actresses and fashion designers across the country.

Lace Sarees: The exquisite delicateness of lace brings out the feminine grace of a woman perfectly. Lace sarees give a sophisticated look. Among all the types available, crochet lace sarees are worn by brides because they give a rich look. Popular colours in this style are golden, white and cream.

Net Sarees: These sarees are preferred due to their unique appeal. They make you look sensual and elegant. You could either wear a heavily embroidered net saree with a solid blouse or wear a plain net saree with a blouse embellished with stones. You could also wear two-toned net sarees if you like the blend of contrast colours.

Silk Sarees: No matter how much times change, silk will never lose its appeal. Silk sarees give you a rich, elegant look. They are available in several varieties like Baluchari, Banarasi, Chanderi, Kancheepuram and Mysore silk.

Buy Wedding Sarees Online

Organising a wedding is no easy task. There are so many arrangements to make and so many people to invite. In all the hustle-bustle, you might not find time to shop for clothes and accessories. To save your time, buy wedding sarees online. Online stores offer a wide variety of sarees at affordable prices. You can sit at home, order the sarees online you like and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Choose Korean Fashion Clothing – Buy Cheap Clothes Online

Wearing good clothes make us feel good. Clothes that fit well make us feel good about ourselves therefore; buying clothes is something that most people like to do. Unfortunately, to afford the clothes that you require can be difficult to afford, as clothing is not very cheap, let alone the clothes that you desire. You want and need clothes that make you feel and look good, whether for work or play. You also need to buy cheap clothes online to help build your wardrobe. you no more have to leave home to do the shopping for Korean fashion clothing as the Internet has made buying clothes easier than ever before, so it is a little hard to believe that you can get clothes cheaper online!

There is no doubt that you can buy cheap clothes online in many places. You would be surprised to find that most of the big department stores and popular designers always have heavily discounted items available online. All of your basic Korean fashion clothing can be found a lot of the time and you can pick items for special occasions that will make you stand out in a crowd. If you are willing to shop online and wait for them to arrive at your door for a few days then you can get clothes at a discount online.

Auction sites are another place where you can buy cheap clothes online. Although it is incredibly easy to use but studies have shown that shopping without using auction sites are several times convenient as very easy. Ranging from things that are brand new and cheap, you can find a broad assortment of cheap clothing online. No one has to know that you bought your clothes online for a real bargain and the best thing is that you can find reputed brands as well as the most popular fashion trends while shopping for Korean fashion clothing online.

To buy cheap clothes online, many online catalogs offer discounts. You can pick up some great items for the whole family, although these catalogs may be hit or miss. The clothes can definitely help you build your wardrobe; these clothes are durable and beautiful. For home and your office, you can have a wide assortment of things to wear. Through online catalogs, some of the most beautiful pieces of Korean fashion clothing can be found for a real steal and the best part is no one will ever know about that. From online shops, you can even buy accessories, shoes, jewelry and many more items at bargain prices. Unlike physical shopping, where you have to walk to every store, online shopping is possible with just few clicks of buttons.

You get to have more clothes for less and therefore it makes sense if you buy cheap clothes online. You can expect the same quality every time when you buy Korean fashion clothing online. So why look elsewhere, start online shopping right away – Save money, look great.