Fashion Social Networking Sites It’s Different

For a fresh fashion business for designers the fashion social networking sites is the right option.

Are you a new fashion designer and wish to make your career your profession? In case you answered yes then it is vital for you to select the correct medium. As you are a new bee are you searching out for a reasonable investment option to sell your brand stuff? If that is the situation then the right and most appropriate option is the fashion social networking sites. You may be surprised with this choice but it is known to be one of best option for two main reasons. Firstly, that it is reasonable as well as it is highly effective. This means that there are many people that use these websites to sell and also buy fashion clothing as well as accessories.

You may be thinking that it is vital to sell your brand clothing and accessories online on fashion social networking websites. The truth is that these sites are becoming popular and there are even many people purchasing stuff from these websites. Hence, it is definitely a great choice to sell your clothing and accessories stuff on the websites.

After you have chosen these sites to sell your brand stuff, it is vital that you select the right one. There are not a number of fashion networking sites and hence selecting the best one amongst all the options it certainly very important for you. You should choose the one that buyers select. The main reason behind this is that at the time you select the buyers favorite you can certainly get popularity as well as sales. Below are the essentials that you should follow to ensure that you choose the correct fashion social website.

The primary aspect that you should do is consider that the site you are in search of should have a number of members. This is vital for you to check since the members of the site make you famous and also increase the sales. This does not mean you only concentrate on member list and select a site.

Another thing that you need to consider is that the site is reputable as well as reliable. You should choose a fashion networking website that is reputable for the reason that it will do good to your brand. Hence, ensure that the site you wish to select is reliable even. You can check the reputability as well as reliability of site through the review websites since they have genuine reviews posted.

Choose Korean Fashion For Best Asian Fashion Clothing

Presently fashion statements have become quite common. However, for fashion, each and every person is not capable of choosing the best clothes. There is a big misconception among some people that one needs to spend millions of dollars want to wear the best Korean fashion clothes. You need to know that there is no reason to spend lots of your hard-earned money on clothes. You should wear something in which you are effortless and comfortable. You can turn yourself from boring to eye-catching personality by choosing the best new fashion trends. Firstly, the significance of the Asian fashion clothing trends is very important for everyone.

You should remember that of the forms of self-expression, clothing is one of the forms. It is always said that one usually creates a good impression from appearance. You can surely make yourself dressed and beautiful for the occasion, if you follow the Korean fashion tips properly. To your dressing, you just need to pay a little more attention. You will surely choose the best dress that suits you, if you care for your look and appearance. These days, fashion clothes are easily available. In the fashion world, plenty is being offered in Asian fashion clothing. However, around the sale and design of women fashion clothes, most of the fashion movement is all centered. It is the general inclination for women to splurge larger amounts on their clothing and buy more variety of clothes.

Dynamics of women’s fashion are of two basic types. They buy in larger volumes and there is a greater eagerness to shell out for clothes. Women’s Korean fashion, by and large is more receptive to the changes in trends and the style that are more elaborate in women fashion clothes. To focus their attention more towards women’s fashion, all these factors cause apparel manufactures and fashion designers. Asian fashion clothing is definitely more fun to work since there is plethora more possibility for expression and experimentation in terms of creativity.

Women will carry on shopping for clothes, no matter how the market behaves; therefore, Korean fashion is an industry is rarely hit by recession. Asian fashion clothing is always moving. With market movements, seasons and trends, cuts and styles change. In many respects, there is plenty of possibility to get into this business. In the market as a designer and manufacturer, this is a superb opportunity for you to grow and study. Since there is a lot of room for growth and profits, you can also think from the aspect of retail and distribution.

Women have a lot of fun buying their clothes. Korean fashion clothes are less susceptible to steep price, when you think of fashion. However, this is completely true for the higher ends and premium brands. Women go for Asian fashion clothing, as it brings them tremendous satisfaction and it is total value for money.

Philip Smouha – Decades In The Fashion Industry

It has been said by many that the fashion industry is a cut-throat one. An industry that is very hard to succeed in simply due to the nature of how garments in particular change hands from manufacturers to end users.

The Smouha fabric company was a company that managed to successfully trade fabrics in Australia since 1950. That was until the Global financial crisis affected the customers of Smouha fabrics and they were unable to repay loans owed to the company.

We can still learn a lot about a fabric company that succeeded in this cut-throat industry. It was due to their great reputation, good service and above all else their commitment to stocking only the highest quality fabrics.

Smouha fabrics have lived through government changes in the last few decades which affected many importers. The government increasing the allowance of off shore manufacturing by reducing duties and tariffs is one such example. Even when competition became fierce with cheaper prices on offer to designers and manufacturers Smouha fabrics remained a trusted supplier. This was due to the fabric company delivering exactly what their customers wanted while financing them at the same time.

The fabric empire was started by Philips father Charles, originally from Manchester in the UK which traditionally was the textile centre. Long before the company traded millions of dollars each year the family business began with the goal of just surviving. The business continued to grow through many fashion trends from the 50s to today because of their great style and depth of knowledge of where trends were headed.

Philip Smouha, the director of the 49 year old family business has since found his footing after closing a chapter in his life and is successfully building companies once again. His son is involved in running a beer company called Lucky beer with him. The company has already had a great impact in Australia and off shore due to the cheeky nature of the marketing and original idea which no body has come up with before.

The solid principles of supporting customers and providing them with exactly what they need from the decades in the fashion industry have obviously not gone to waste. The Smouha family continue to live very successful lives.

Teach Yourself Fashion Pattern Making

Fashion Pattern Making has become one of the most convenient ways in which you can design your own dress and tops. Previously, there were a few fixed patterns and everyone had to make do with them. But times have drastically changed now. You dont need the help of any design website to tell you what to wear anymore! Yes, you can make your own patterns now! And do you know what the best part is?

Fashion Pattern Making System is one of the easiest to come to terms with. You do not need to have any previous knowledge about sewing to understand how to create new designs. You can simply follow some golden rules to make your own pattern system! Are the rules too hard for you to follow? Dont worry; there are ways to make this even easier. We will see that in this article.

There are three main things that are needed for this to happen: the two curves and the golden rule. Are you wondering what they are? The first two are interesting tools used to make your designing job easier. One is known as the Tailors Curve and the other is known as the Designers Curve. The Rule refers to the most widely used fashion pattern making system, the Lutterloh.


This fashion pattern drafting system was first developed in Germany in the early 1930s. This was especially required for people who were not professional but home sewers. The reason why Lutterloh is still the most favorite among other systems is that it does not expect the home sewer to design from scratch. Rather what you get is a book to which you can refer for pattern piece diagrams.

These patterns differ with your choice of garment. The book sheds some useful light in this respect too. This book is very famously titled The Golden Rule. The family owned company that developed the Lutterloh system is still in business today. This shows how popular this drafting system is.

This system takes the help of a modified system of radial grading in order to create full sized design patterns in the size you desire. A special tape measure along with special kinds of rulers is used to work the diagrams. DVDs are also available to help you for this.


These rulers are the two most important tools required if you want to cut your own design patterns. If you want a perfect measurement of the different curves you should use 400 the Tailors Curve. Whether it is coats, jackets, or suit sleeves, this ruler is the perfect tool. If you are a perfectionist then you should go after these rulers as they are some of the most accurate tailoring instruments available. And anyways, who would want a badly sewn dress?

The second ruler which is equally important is the Designers Curve. Fashion pattern making has seen new light due to the development of this curve. This ruler is known for its international standards of design. They help to calculate and measure curves carefully. The back and front armhole design ease up your work! Top ranking designers make these curves so you can rest assured that you have got the best in fashion pattern making.

Bangdeshi boys and girls crazy fashion trends

About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country in south Asia.But it is well known because of three reasons.Its population, corruption and natural beauty.It is the most congested country in the world.There is one hundred and sixty million people across one and an half lakh squire miles only.Bangladesh is the no.1 corrupted country according to the Transparency International (TI) survey. But there is some positive things also.Bangladesh is one of the most beautiful country in the world. It has the famous travel spots like worlds largest sea beach-Coxs Bazar and biggest mangrove forest-Sunderban.

Bangladeshi girls and their fashions

Like nature Bangladeshi girls and women have great beauty. They are beautiful, smart and sexy. But they don’t have white skin like western girls or red leap like Chinese or Japanese. They are auburn looks in nature. So what is the secret of their beauty? The answer is simple. Bangladeshi girls are very fashion conscious. Yes, fashion has made them special from others.They are reputed for exceptional fashion design. By nature, every girl is beautiful. But without fashion your beauty is covered with clothes. Perfect fashion can bring out your fairness from yourself. Thus Bangladeshi girls are so nice.

Note that the majority people of Bangladesh is Muslims. But they are not conservative like the middle-east countries. Culturally Bangladesh is very develop.There is a lot of festivals throughout the year such as Pohela Boishakh (the first day of Bengali new year), Book Fair in February, Eid, Puja etc. Bangladeshi girls and women wear the traditional dresses in these festivals. They put on Sari and Blows, colorful Curi in hands (one kind of bracelet), eardrop hanging from ears, Tip at the middle of forehead, necklace around the neck and flowers in hair.

Bangladeshi girls and their photography

Photography is an art. It is a strong media to introduce your expressions. Bangladeshi girls introduce their fashions to the world through photography. If u see some pictures of them u could get ideas of their fashions and fairness. U could also understand why the are unique and exceptional. Photos of Bangladeshi girls and women could help u to get the exact conception of their smartness, personality and application. Be careful, u might be fall in love with them.

Tips To Arrange For Fashion Shows In London

Organizing a fashion show is a real off-putting job. A lot of aspects are to be taken care of and close attention is to be followed to ensure the success of your show. Apart from this, it is rather very important that you should not miss even a single detail as this can cause a great disaster in your show. Let us shred light on some of the most crucial tips to help your show become not only successful but one of its kind.


First and foremost, it is very important to set a budget. While doing so, you may need to consider the cause of sponsorship which you hope to fetch. It is very essential to be proactive for this cause. You need to develop a strategy and then approach the potential sponsors the moment you start planning your show.


Another vital aspect of a show is its theme. Thus it is important for you to decide a theme or concept of the show. You need to decide the fashions that you aim to model and further begin looking for the models that can fit in those styles in the show. You also need to plan the decorations, music and determine the number of visitors you are expecting.


Most of the fashion shows in London demand stylish and funky fashion venues in London. Central London area not only offers some of the best venues for hire but also assure the success of the show due to their close proximity to the nearby significant landmarks. It is also important to select a venue that ideally represents your brand too.

Dcor and Set Up

It is equally important to ensure the best dcor as per the theme of your show. In addition make sure that there is ample space for the runway as well as the audience. You can also look for some space to serve cocktails after the show. Check out the details of the sound system that has been offered at the venue. Next aspect is to check the area for the models to dress up.


As the exciting event approaches, you need to start advertising as well as send invitations all through London. You also need to plan for the music that will go along the fashion displays and what the sequence of the modeling. Every detail is critical from the beginning to the end of the show.

Fashions From The Bible Times – Great Costume Ideas

What does it mean when someone says “Bible times”? If you think about it, the Bible in its entirety spans thousands of years. Costumes change almost as quickly as the times that changed and evolved. The various costumes for Bible times are different depending on the story. The manner of dress during Moses’ time is different than the manner of dress during Christ’s birth.

There are different reasons why you’d need costumes for Bible times. For one, it is a good learning tool to visually act out Bible stories for children who are in Sunday school. It is also great for adults. Acting out scenes from the Bible on the stage is a great way to make the stories memorable.

A popular time for costumes for Bible times is Christmas. The traditional Christmas Pageant is as much a part of the season for regular church goers as Santa and other traditional folk figures. If you are putting on a Christmas pageant of your own, it is essential to end up with the best and most realistic costumes.

So, where can you get costumes for Bible times? Well, some churches use the same costumes from year to year. After the initial purchase, all that’s needed is to find new actors and actresses to wear them. You can also make them, rent them, or buy them. However, in terms of traditional Christmas pageant costumes goes, these are relatively easy to make if you have the skills and patterns are fairly common.

Other Bible stories that are fun reenacted include Noah’s flood, the initial Garden of Eden scenes, Jesus’ crucifixion, and the story of Joseph and his brothers. Acting out Bible scenes doesn’t need to be reserved for Christ’s birth. There are other important stories, and each has its own important lesson.

Though costumes for Bible times are traditionally worn during church events, it is possible to dress up as different religious figures for costume parties. For a Christian, this is a good way to get a dialog going about their beliefs. Christians are always looking for ways to share what they believe in with others.

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Hippie Fashion Statements From Yesterday And Nowadays

When thinking about hippie fashion 1 must look at the evolution of the statements produced by it over the final a number of decades. What was originally a statement against corporate America, hippie clothing has turn into corporate America in modern occasions. Nonetheless, the statements of the 60s can still be valid.

Evolving out of the Beatnik movement of the 50s, the teens and young adults in between the ages of 15 and 25 inside the 60s led a counter culture revolution against all of the traditions they knew. On every single front society was assaulted by hippie ideals. The clothes they wore helped to unite them and make them stronger. Nowadays these same clothes announce that many of their ideas have turn into mainstream, having been accepted in massive portion by the populace of America.

The 1960s fashions and values had a lasting impact on culture, influenced music, television, cinema, literature, along with the arts in a lot of approaches. Now assimilated into our society, we see items like option arts, street theatre, folk music, and psychedelic rock as classics from the hippie era.

We see other indicators at the same time, like health food shops, music festivals, and relaxed sexual mores.

These bohemians created significant efforts to impact change which we see everywhere. They attempted to express themselves via protests and new ways of communicating. They tried to apply their vision of the globe and life to everything about them.

Hippie fashion history is noted as being probably the most violent and radical shift in style in contemporary times. The fashion appear was part of a protest waged against capitalism. Due to this they were determined not to buy style from the designers who had been producing dollars off of it. They chose simple clothing, or repurposed clothes they could acquire low-cost at second hand shops. Partly for the reason that they had been purists and partly since capitalism included middle men, they chose much more natural sort fibers, like cotton and wool. They made their own clothes at the same time, sewing and crafting from braided hippie headbands to knit and crochet vests.

These hippie clothes became style statements against all these issues and lots of extra, undoubtedly against the war.

The hippie dress, skirt and pants created of patchwork also became a aspect of the statement for the reason that it was repurposing material and fabric, reusing it as opposed to putting a lot more cash inside the wallet of The Man, corporate America.

Now these clothes are aspect of the hippie costumes that speak of the 60s fashion weve come to associate with freedom, and rebellion.

For those who need to learn more about hippie fashion, appear at some hippie images. Youll see a pattern that includes patchwork, bell bottom jeans, embroidered shirts and skirts, wrap about skirts, all kinds of items produced of blue jeans, tie dye everything, headbands, glasses, vests and more.

The hippie fashion was mostly unisex. Each men and ladies wore their hair lengthy. And girls stopped wearing makeup. Womens dresses were loose, had low necklines and had been particularly short.

A lot of of the hippie fashions had been borrowed from other cultures, but they have had lasting impact on our culture. They may be created of hemp now, and the meanings may well have changed, but the fashion is still in spot.

Basic Requirements For Male Model

Modeling world is expanding gradually, so there is always a demand of new models whether they are male or female. There is a wide scale for men in the modeling industry still what is the basic requirements of modeling agency for male model is secret. The conclusion is that compare to the female model its easy for men model to get in to modeling industry. If you want to make your career as male model here some information about basic requirements to become a successive model in fashion world.

Let’s start with age factor, which include age from 15 to 50 and plus. The good market for male model is 25-35. Yet, the best age to start career as male model is 28 and 40. If you are good looking and you have attractive body then its advantage for you to start career as fashion model. Modeling agency is easily selecting you, No matter what age you are. To become a model good height range is 5’10 to 6’2. Height is directly affected your personality. Most of successful fashion models are 6 to 6’1. Like female modeling, there is different type of male modeling like such as body part, face, petite, teen, adult etc. So dont worry, there is a large scale for you start career as men model.

Most of modeling agency want model that has good body. Muscle and tone with strong abs is an advantage for you to become a successful model. You mast have a smooth skin. Smooth skin and muscular body is surely a great advantage and sometime its necessary. Cloth is also affected to your personality the standard clothing size is around 40reqular – 42long.

Skin is most important factor to become a successful fashion model. Because skin is directly affected your look and all modeling agency need good looking model. Most of male models forget standards that concern hairy body. Basic skin care is not enough but your body must be hairless.

Remember hair is a most important part of your body. Its directly affected to your style and personality. All modeling agency want stylish model. So if you want to start career as fashion model take care of your hair. Because beautiful hair may be help you to start career as male model.

Modeling agency looks smallest thing of your body. So its necessary to take care even smallest part of your body. Every small detail is directly affected your personality. Some times its make difficult for you to start a new career. Sometimes you forget to take care of your nails. Its necessary for you to maintain each part of your body to become a successful fashion model.

Your part is very important in modeling industry. Most of modeling agencies are always looking for male model. You have to learn fast. As a fashion model sometimes your work is quit tedious but never get angry on any body. Make new contacts with people, and be humble to people you work with. Sometimes smallest things affected to your career.

Its fact there is a vast opportunity for men in modeling industry. Its easier for men to start new career as fashion model. Because most of modeling agency looking for male model. So if you want to become a successful model, dont get nervous just take care of things mention above.